Commercial ethnography is marketing research in its purest form: the study of real lives. This is deep exploration on consumers’ turf, where they are most comfortable, to understand the full context of their daily lives. Ethnography gets closer to the truth - uncovers emotions, behaviors, needs, and decision-making processes - in a personal way that simply can’t be achieved in focus groups.

We spend quality time with consumers, participate in their lives, and come to understand the very heart and soul of what makes them who they are. This exploration allows us to deeply understand how your brand fits into their world.

We visit your targets' homes; meet family, friends, and neighbors; visit their workplaces; shop with them; and interact with them during social activities. In our ethnos, we have cleaned homes, prepared dinner, shuttled kids to activities, and organized name it, we’ve done it.

Sweeney Research’s ethnographies can range from understanding a day-in-the-life to spending longer periods of time with your targets. Each project is customized to meet your specific objectives.